"Julian Assange, June 15, 2012 understands that for him it's over ........ `` It is located in London. Agents arrested a week after the British, they will in Stockholm, where the airport will not be taken by the police forces of Her Majesty the Queen of Sweden, but by two officers of the CIA and a U.S. diplomat, who taking advantage of formal agreements between the two nations will prevail "-emption rights in the event of a military conflict declared war" arguing that Assange is "actively intervened" in the NATO-conflict Iraq while the war was in progress. The lead directly to Use, Texas, where it will be subjected to criminal prosecution for terrorist activities, asking him for the application of the death of death on the basis of the Patriot Act Law. ``Americans in the sentences of death are the most cruel people in the world .... but should not be so .....  Julian Assange He consults with his own group, make the right choice after three days of exchanges of information swirling around the planet:
"Go to the embassy of Ecuador on foot, by subway, you're there." At 9 am on June 19 Julian Assange enters the embassy of Ecuador.No news, no one knows. His group opened negotiations with British agents in London, with the Swedes in Stockholm and American diplomats in Rio de Janeiro. Reached an agreement: "We avoid risk of attacks and we pass the Olympic Games, August 13 he can go to South America, we do everything in silence, just do not talk about it." His welcome, but at the same time do not trust the Anglo-Americans. Get busy and make sign two fabulous shots. The first 3 August, the second 4.Il August 3, in advance of the expiry of 16 months, the president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, is the headquarters of the IMF Manhattan with his Minister of Economy and Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Patino, representing "Alba" (which stands for Labour Alianza Bolivariana America), the economic union of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The Kirchner takes pictures and resume on television with a giant billboard showing a check made out to the 12 billion euro IMF expiring on 31 December 2013, the Argentine government has paid a few hours before. "With this installment, Argentina has been shown to be solvent, to be a responsible nation, trusted and reliable for anyone who wants to invest their money.In 2003 we went to default to 112 billion dollars, but we refused to ask for the cancellation of debt: we chose the official declaration of bankruptcy and asked ten years of time to return the money at all, including interest. For ten long years, we lived in limbo. For ten long years, we protested, challenged and fought against the decisions of the IMF who wanted to impose restrictive measures of an economic austerity claiming they were the only way. We followed a path opposite that of Keynesianism based financing social welfare equitable and sustainable investment in infrastructure, research, innovation, investing instead of cutting. We solved our problems. We recovered and are able to pay the last installment with 16 months in advance. The ideas of the IMF and the World Bank have misconceptions, wrong. They were then, they are even more so today. Who wants to work, imprendere, create jobs and wealth, is welcome in Argentina, we are a nation that has been shown to be solvent, then expect respect and fidelity to the norms and rules, by all, as we have shown, we first to respect the devices of international law.  ". Immediately after Kirchner has lodged a formal complaint against Britain and the U.S. to the WTO, the IMF involving thanks to the files made available by WikiLeaks, that Assange. Argentina has settled the debts, but now he wants damages. With compound interest. "They wanted this, well, they got. Now that you pay. " It 'a struggle between Kirchner and Lagarde. The two Cristine duel over a year pitilessly. Thanks to Assange, as his team has all the transcripts of several conversations in different registries of the globe, involving the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the Vatican, where the economy makes the master. Osama Bin Laden has been sent to the attic and replaced by John Maynard Keynes. He became public enemy number one of the great powers, in these long conversations about how to cripple the economies of South America, as take away their energy resources, such as preventing them to recover and grow, how to prevent governments from passing Keynesian economic plans but instead applies to the dictates of the IMF whose sole purpose is to pursue a neo-colonialist policy for the benefit especially of Spain, Italy and Germany, with capital .......... English. Most files are already published on the internet. Most files are offered by Assange in Britain ambassador of Ecuador, the first nation in the Americas, and the only nation in the Western world since 1948, we've applied the concept of "immoral debt" or "the political rejection and technical to the international community to pay the debts consolidated state because they are obtained by previous governments through corruption, violation of the rule of law, the violation of constitutional requirements. " On 12 December 2008, the new President of the Government of Ecuador Rafael Correa (GDP of € 50 billion, about 30 times less than Italy) said on live television in the entire American continent (Europe has never transmitted even a frame and difficult to find in the European network visual material) that he had "decided to cancel the national debt considering it unclean, because immoral altered the constitution to oppress the people telling a falsehood. They did believe that what is the law, that is legitimate, it is right. That is not true today in the land of Ecuador is the new constitutional principle that what is right for the community then it becomes legitimate. " Amount of debt: € 11 billion. The IMF makes clear the Ecuador from the list of civilized nations: will never aid of any kind from anyone "The country is isolated," said Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then-Secretary of the IMF. The country is on its knees. The next day, Hugo Chavez announced that will contribute oil and gas free Ecuador for ten years. Four hours later, President Lula announced on television that give free 100 tons per day of wheat, rice, soy and fruit to feed the population, as long as the nation recovers. In the evening, Argentina announced that will give 3% of its beef production grade free Ecuador to ensure the amount of protein for the population. The next morning, in Bolivia, Evo Morales announces to legalize cocaine considering domestic production and collective good.  Fee producers of coca leaves and Ecuador offers a loan of 5 billion euro interest-free repayable in ten years in 120 installments. Two days later, Ecuador denounces the United Fruit Company and Del Monte & Associates for "slavery and crimes against humanity", nationalized the agricultural industry in Bananas (Ecuador is the first manufacturer in the world) and sends a national investment of pure ecological farming. Ten days later, the Bavarian green, the green of Schleswig Holstein, Conad in Italy, and Denmark, the Haagen Daaz, they are prepared to sign contracts immediately decades of purchase of banana production through regular financial drawn in euro that can be discounted immediately to the exchange of goods in Chicago. On 20 December 2008, taking charge of the protest of the United Fruit Company, President George Bush declared "null and criminal decision of Ecuador" .. big shithead .... understand why the pull shoes? Announcing the request for expulsion of the country by the UN: "We are ready even to a military option to safeguard U.S. interests." The next morning, the powerful New York law firm of Goldberg & Goldberg has a defense claiming that there is a legal precedent. Six hours later, the U.S. give up and call on the international community acceptance and legitimacy of the concept of "immoral debt". The United Fruit company is proven as a "multinational practice systematic political corruption" and ordered to pay damages for $ 6 billion euro. Note that the "legal precedent" (still unknown to most Europeans) is dated January 4, 2003 signed by George Bush. It 'happened in Iraq at that time was "technically" American possession since occupied by U.S. marines, the interim government has not yet recognized by the UN. Saddam Hussein had left debts to 250 billion euro (40 billion euro against Italy thanks to the maneuvers of Taraq Aziz, deputy Hussein and Opus Dei man loyal to the Vatican) that the U.S. erased by applying the concept of "immoral debt" and paving the way for a historic precedent. 
New York Lawyers for the U.S. government of Ecuador offer a choice: either accept and keep silent, or if you set aside the decision of Ecuador, then you also cancels that of Iraq and the U.S. Treasury must immediately pay the € 250 billion in all including compound interest for four years. Obama, not yet established, but already elected, requires Bush to throw in the towel. The solid parcel of New York lawyers are paid by the Brazilian government. Then comes the modern South America. It grows and spreads the myth of Rafael Correa, Ecuador's president-elect. Not a farmer indium as Morales, Lula as a trade unionist, a worker of the blast furnaces as Chavez. A completely different pasta. From an upper class family Caribbean, is a Catholic intellectual. A graduate in economics and economic planning at Harvard, believing Catholic and very observant, a self-described "Christian socialist in Jesus Christ, always on the side of those in need and suffering." His first official act is to freeze all bank accounts in the banks of the IOR Catholic Quito and divert into a social welfare program for the economically disadvantaged.He shut down the entire political class of the previous government that is subjected to due process. All end up in jail, average of ten years to head with the utmost rigor. Confiscated property, property nationalized and redistributed in ecological agricultural cooperatives. Send a letter to Pope Ratzinger where he is "always humble servant of His Holiness Illuminata" where officially asked the Vatican to send in Ecuador only "religious with deep spirituality and eager to comfort those in need while avoiding the speculators who would end up under the rigor of the Law of men. " Anything you can tell today, thanks to the happy thought of the Foreign Office, went into the flask. All over the planet we speak of Rafael Correa, Ecuador, immoral debt, the new South America who said no to colonialism and slavery to the European and U.S. multinationals. In Italy I do hope to be just one of many. This, to explain "why the Ecuador". For 400 years, ever since Europeans discovered bananas rich in potassium, Ecuadorians have lived in poverty, exploitation, destitution, and for hundreds of years a group of oligarchs got rich at their expense. Never will be again. Unless you do not end up winning Mitt Romney, Draghi, Monti, Cameron and the financial oligarchy. The example of Ecuador is alive, can be replicated in any African or Asian nation in the world. Also in Europe. For this JulianAssange chose Ecuador. The decisive blow is given by a bombshell made public (not surprisingly) on August 4, 2012. "Julian Assange has signed a delegation agreement with the Spanish judge Garzón which represents the legal rights to all intents in every nation of the globe" . Who is Garzòn? It 'public enemy number one of organized crime. It 'public enemy number one of Opus Dei. It 's the most ferocious enemy of Silvio Berlusconi. It 'absolutely the most dangerous enemy to the global banking system.Spanish judge with 35 years of activity and experience, the Attorney responsible for real Madrid, he had in his hands the most important processes of the Spanish past 25 years. Expert in "media & finance" and especially expert in breeding stock and financial rose to international prominence in 1993 because Interpol presented a complaint against Silvio Berlusconi and Fedele Confalonieri (stop asking) on ​​Telecinco, Pentafilm, Fininvest, Reteitalia and Le cinq from which it came out that the Pentafilm (Berlusconi and Cecchi Gori members, namely PD and PDL together) bought at $ 100 the rights of a film that he sold to Columbia Pictures for $ 500 to Telecinco, which sold them at $ 1000 Italian network which then ultimately sold for $ 2000 at Rai, in a total of 142 cases three times, sold them both Rai1 that Ra2 that Rai3. The same film. That Rai has paid the rights to a film 20 times the value of the market and bought three times, so that all parties were present at par. When it came to the final crux of the matter, Berlusconi was prime minister, a con man as prime minister ...... then Garzón was stopped by the EU. He got a half victory. He closed the Telecinco and finished in Spanish jail managers. But Berlusconi returned from the window in 2003 as Mediaset. He opened the battle, Garzón was always there. In 2006, thought to have done, but the Italian government at the time (Prodi) helped Berlusconi to come out .......... the Italian people more idiot on the planet .... In 2004 he opened a dossier against Pope Wojtyla and against the managament of the IOR in Spain and Argentina, in relation to funding and support from the Vatican of the military juntas of Pinochet and Videla in South America. In 2010 Garzón resigned retiring, but he opened a law firm dedicated exclusively to international "media & Finance" in The Hague in the Netherlands. And 'the magistrate who went to meddle in the affairs of the hottest, and about the media, Europe, the last twenty years. As official legal Assange, the judge Garzón has access to 145,000 files still in possession of Assange that have not been made public. He has already made it known that his study is prepared to denounce several Western heads of state to the court of civil rights in The Hague. The charge will be "crimes against humanity, crimes against the dignity of the person." The battle is therefore open. And it will be especially crucial for the future of freedom on the NetIn the U.S. they make no secret of the fact that they want him dead. Even the British. But they have quite a few trouble because, in the meantime, despite being quite paranoid (and with good reason) Assange has taken steps to bring about a global group that deals with counter-information (real not the Italian one). Its members are anonymous. No one knows who they are. They do not have a site identified. Simply enter the data network, news, information and events. Besides, who wants to know know where to look and who wants to understand understand. When the temperature rises, of course, everything is on the surface.And then they all dance. In South America, today, call"British dance." For this Assange is inside the embassy of Ecuador.
For this Garzòn defends it. This is the history of South America, it should be told. For this reason the British Empire has lost his mind and wants to get rid of. Why Assange has direct access to the source material. And the mere fact of saying it, and release it, turns out cards to those who govern, and reminds people that we are in a war Invisible Mediatica. They do not know how to stop the spread of information about what is happening in the world. So far, it went well, and falling asleep rimbecillendo humanity.But in case you awaken to the power would be embarrassing pain. Wikileaks should not be read as gossip. There are people to enter information from an anonymous internet point in Canberra, Bogota or Saint Tropez also risks the skin. These anonymous deserve our respect. And also remind us that we can no longer say tomorrow, "but we did not know." Who wants to know, today, is well served. Just try. If, with this "Knowing" a surfer does not do anything, it is his choice. Translated it means: until we send home the foul political class that poorly represents us, the chatter will remain at zero. Because now we all know how things are. Otherwise, you can not complain or be surprised that in Italy no one has ever spoken before of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, of what happens in South America, the furious battle taking place between the President of Argentina and Brazil on the one hand and Christine Lagarde and Merkel other. Why wonder, then, that the British want to invade a foreign embassy? This had never happened even in the most hot of so-called Cold War.As they say in South America when you ask "what they do in Europe, what's happening there?" Now you answer anywhere "In Europe they sleep. They do not know that life exists ". '